Site Updates Week #1

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Site Updates Week #1 Empty Site Updates Week #1

Post  TheCreatorExe on Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:06 am

A little late but i have added all the sections, forums and categories to the site.
-I have made a chat page that i am currently trying to add to the top where home calender etc. is at.
-Then i will proceed to changing the banner where the site name will show.
-I will make a newspaper sometime in the future to replace these announcements.
-Sometime this week i will make a rules section

I am currently going to have three mods. One will be my CLOSEST FRIEND. When he replies to my email he will be a mod. The next will be a friend of mine who if i ever forget to check this site or see a problem i did not, will attend to the problem themself. He/She will be the co-owner of this site. The third is if i see anyone that might make a good mod.

Eventually il lsee if its possible to add music or SOMETHING anywhere im not sure though no guarantee.
Even though the site is not complete, i encourage any of you to start posting sprites or anything really. Thats what keeps this site up.

>>>Please check back from time to time, sign in and see posts. If noone posts anything, i certantly will be posting things. So if you wanna see some work of mine that i dont put on youtube check here!<<<

Thats is al lfor now, any other news for this week will be updated here.

Any comments?

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